Web Development : 4oogoon.com

Our team has developed a website for the local steak shop. It is quite an interesting type of the products that require specific and stylish website with high quality pictures for content on it.

It is quite easy to use and smooth website. Main idea was to launch the MVP asap , so just to test hypothesis if it works fine. Currently the website is working almost 6-8 months. Hypothesis was approved and the customers business is growing.

Currently we are working on adjusting the ordering process and updating the logic of the site. As per analytics data and user review – we can define that majority of are preferring to use Telegram application for ordering and communication process. Sales team of 4oogoon company also prefers to use this way of communication.

Based on this data we have updated all the logic and all the existing orders will be sent to the Sales team via telegram. Once the user will make an order – it will be shown to all of the proper team members.

You can visit the website: https://4oogoon.com

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