Web-Development: How do we start the project development?

How do we start the project

planning process
All the projects begin from the communications. Our manager contacts you and gets all the details about the product you need. We collect all the requests and needs from the client side and prepare an offer how we can solve this.

    So we proceed through the following steps:

  • filling the contact form.
  • short communication with manager of A-DevGroup.
  • receiving an unique offer and accepting it

Also we provide a Development area for your website so you can check the development process anytime.
The web address of development server is secure and closed with .htacess . Also it is hidden from indexing with search robots.

What should I do if I do not know what exactly I need?

We work with all the requests of the users. If you don’t exactly know what website do you need – we can help you with it. Marketing specialists will prepare an offer with all the technologies you need and short explanation about all the key factors.

How does development project looks like?

All the working steps are pre accepted in the technical requirements you receive before. It has few main steps, milestones, such as:

  • web design development
  • front end part.
  • back end part.
  • testing and documentation preparing.
  • setting to the necessary server and technical support ( 1 month for free! )

All of the milestones has it own schedule so you can easily check the current step of the process. Plus, we have everyday short report to the client if necessary.


We work with NDA agreement. If it is necessary – we can sign it and never show your project in our portfolio and do not use anywhere. Please, let us know, if you need DNA. It is normal procedure in working and cooperating with design studios, marketing agencies, or some groups of developers.
If we have an acceptance from the partner to show the project in portfolio – it is shown with all the details.
You can check such a projects and also visit the websites of our partners:

Ready to start?

Are you ready to start our cooperation? You can fill the contact form and our manager will contact you as soon as possible.